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Laidmore Road

The only access to this part of the river is via the Laidmore Road ford. This part of the river is subject to AMF rights and as such there is no public access to the river unless by prior arrangement and consent of the relevant landowners. Owners of private land have an inherent right of exclusive occupation and enjoyment of that land. This right is enforceable by the provisions of the Trespass Act 1990 which provides for the rights of an occupier of land to deal with any person that unlawfully enters onto land. Please ask landowners for their permission to walk or fish on their land. Landowners in this section of the river have a long history of cooperating with scientists, hobbyists and the general public wishing to study the geology and fossils.


Walking please ask landowners for their permission.


Fishing please ask landowners for their permission.


Horse riding not permitted.


Cycling not permitted.

4-wheel drive vehicles

Vehicles not permitted.

Motor bikes

Motor bikes not permitted.

dogs on or off leash

Dogs on or off leashes not permitted.


Camping not permitted.


Fires not permitted.


Hunting or the use of firearms not permitted.

Parts of the riverbed are in private ownership - please respect this.