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Stringers Bridge to Barnetts Road

This management area incorporates that part of the river located between Stringers Bridge and Barnetts Road. The riverbed throughout this section is wide with elevated river terraces along the north and south banks. The banks throughout this area are heavily infested with willows and other exotic plant species such as broom, gorse and exotic grasses. There are three access points to the Waipara River in this section. These are located at Stringers Bridge, Barnetts Road and Darnley Road.

The land on the north bank of the river is comprised of a number of pastoral farming properties. The land on the south bank of the river consists of smaller parcels of land held under different ownership. Land use on the south bank of the river consists predominantly of lifestyle blocks and viticultural development.

The Waipara Boys Brigade Camp and swimming hole is located on the south bank of the river upstream of Darnley Road. The Waipara Boys Brigade Camp provides accommodation and a range of outdoor activities for small to large groups. Facilities on the site include a BMX track, confidence course, flying fox and abseiling wall. Groups staying at the camp often visit the Waipara River to go four-wheel driving, boating, rafting and swimming at the man-made swimming hole located in the vicinity of the site in the river bed.

The Millist Esplanade Reserve is located along the south bank of the river upstream from the Waipara Boys Brigade Camp. The 1.17 hectare reserve is owned and administered by the Hurunui District Council. The reserve is open and accessible from the river bed. The reserve consists of shingle river bed and willow tree plantings. The reserve could be enhanced with the establishment of some amenity trees and riparian planting.

This section of the river is popular with four wheel drive and motorbike enthusiasts and contains a number of natural swimming holes which are popular with locals. This area has seen a level of inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour usually associated with vehicles. Inappropriate use of firearms has also been a significant issue with the death of livestock in some instances and use of firearms within close proximity to dwellings located on the terrace above the riverbed.