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State Highway 1 Bridge

This management area includes that part of the river located between Barnetts Road and Wash Creek.

The State Highway 1 (SH1) Bridge area is a very high use area being located in close proximity and within view of State Highway 1 (SH1) and the township of Waipara. There are numerous access points to the river although these are all located upstream from the SH1 Bridge. Access on the northern side of the river is available at three locations including Barnetts Road, an unformed legal road and an access track near the intersection of Weka Pass Road and SH1 turnoff. The river can be accessed on the southern side of the bridge from the end of Darnley Road and directly from SH1 just south of the bridge. Some of the access points from State Highway 1 and State Highway 7 do not provide safe entry or exit from the river. Greater encouragement for the use of particular access points could be undertaken including the incorporation of signage and information on these access points.

The land on the downstream side of the bridge is privately owned although there is an esplanade strip along the northern bank of the river from SH 1 to Wash Creek. There is also an esplanade strip along the south bank of the river directly adjoining the Mud House Winery. The Department of Conservation owns a parcel of land between Darnley Road and the State Highway.

The area is a popular camping and picnicking spot although there are no formal camping sites or toilet facilities in the area. There is a nohoanga site located towards the end of Barnetts Road although it is not clear exactly where the site is located. Overlays on aerial mapping give an indication of where the site is located, however these are not considered definitive.

The area contains some gravel extraction activities which have been consented by the Canterbury Regional Council. Given the popularity of the area, the community has expressed concern regarding the potential safety of other river users given that the gravel extraction activities involve the use of large vehicles and heavy machinery.
The community also has concerns regarding the level of rubbish that is disposed of in this area including garden waste, building rubble and car bodies.