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White Gorge to Stringers Bridge

From White Gorge to Stringers Bridge, the Waipara River is constrained between steep, high terraces on either side of the river with the river shingles being large and coarser than those found downstream.

There are a number of landowners adjoining this section of the river particularly on the southern side. The predominant land use consists of pastoral farming activities and viticultural development. The river banks and terraces throughout this section of the river are heavily infested with willows and other exotic plant species such as broom, gorse and exotic grasses. There are a number of dwellings located on top of the river terrace in close proximity to the river. In terms of land ownership, the land on the south bank of the river is subject to AMF rights and as such is effectively in private ownership to the centre of the river. There is an unformed legal road on the northern bank of the river. The unformed legal road is no different in law from formed roads and as such the public have the right to use them on foot, on horse, or in vehicles. While the unformed legal road allows the public to use that part of the river contained within the road, in reality it is not possible to stay within the designated road as the terrain and vegetation within the riverbed is difficult to negotiate. This means that at times, users have to cross onto parts of the riverbed that are subject to AMF rights. The landowners adjoining this section of the river agree in principal to unrestricted non-motorised access and appropriate, controlled, motor vehicle access from Stringers Bridge to Waipara Gorge (White Gorge) without any requirement to seek prior consent from individual landowners provided that:

This recommendation to be reviewed within 12 months from the adoption of the Strategy.

The only existing access point at Stringers Bridge is currently located on the north side of the river and is not particularly obvious from the public road. It has been suggested that the access point be relocated to the south side of the river so that it is more readily visible and provide for a more direct access to the river.